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Things to Consider When Choosing a School for Your Child

Here are some useful things for you to consider when you apply with a school

  1. Research the best fit for your child
    While all schools have a basic curriculum in place and the academic scores and teachers weigh in heavily on this decision, you need to consider a few other things as well. If your child is interested in sports - then it is best to go for a school that offers sports training. If your child is interested in Science - enquire about the science teachers, facilities and offerings that the school is offering in addition to the regular academic curriculum. Sunbeam School is one of the few schools in Sultanpur that offers modern science labs and sports facilities for all interested students to use and benefit from.

  2. The school's core principles
    Find out what their approach to education is. Talk to the school's administrators to discover more about their educational philosophies. Do they educate youngsters by providing them with plenty of opportunities in sports or do they solely value academic excellence? At Sunbeam School Sultanpur, we help each student perform to the best of their abilities.

  3. The Facilities
    Infrastructure, support system, facilities - understanding each and every aspect of schooling - and not just what’s happening in the classroom is important. Many schools in Sultanpur do not offer most of the facilities that we do, which include:

    • Fully Air-Conditioned Classrooms
    • Free IIT-JEE and CUET Training to all students post class 8
    • Attractive Scholarship opportunities
    • CCTV monitored bus pick up and drop off facilities
    • Modern science and technology labs
    • Fully-trained teaching educators
    • Monthly activities that promote overall growth

  4. Instructional Programme
    Which curriculum does the school teach out of the ones from boards like the State boards, ICSE, CBSE IGCSE, IB, etc.? A set of subjects plus electives available in upper-level classes like 11th and 12th grade are significant. Does the school provide more than one curriculum, and does the school board change from kindergarten to high school? What grade does the school provide, too? Sunbeam School is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi and is an English Medium School in Sultanpur.

  5. Academic Results Even while the child's growth greatly benefits from extracurricular activities and diverse learning, their academic success is as crucial. Compare the school's district and state average test results. Investigate their pattern, how many ranks they have attained, and if those rankings have increased or decreased over time. An indication of the calibre of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topic coaching is a strong ranking history.

  6. Visit the Schools
    Although the websites & brochures provide a thorough picture of the institution, nothing compares to a personal visit to see it firsthand. Schedule a visit during the normal school day and time. To get a feel for how the schools operate, try to stop by the library, the playground, and a few courses. If they permit it, go to a parent-teacher conference, an open house, or a school event to learn more about the views of the parents, teachers, and children.

  7. The Faculty and Staff
    Ask the school's staff about their qualifications when you visit. Enquire about their credentials, experience, teacher preparation, and turnover rates. Find out if the schools employ specialists full-time, such as a psychologist or a physical education coach. Pay special attention to what the staff members, including the professors, say about the institution. Knowing their attitude and commitment to teaching and their profession would be important because they are the adults that interact with the kids the most. Make it a point to research the principal's history; an excellent principal may significantly improve the school.

  8. Consult with the students and parents
    The children and their parents will tell you how the school is, despite the staff's best efforts to portray the institution in a positive light. You can learn so much about a school if you can locate students who attend and speak with their parents. Ask the staff how well they communicate with the parents and whether they are sensitive to all of the student's needs. Your decision on whether to choose the school or not may be influenced by the information provided. You can choose the finest school for your child with confidence if you conduct a thorough study using the guidelines.

To sum it up

If you are on the lookout for an English medium school in Sultanpur that meets all the above mentioned criterias, look no further than Sunbeam School. We offer one of the best environments for your child to succeed.