Sunbeam Sultanpur
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Rules / Guidelines

The observance of rules of the school is absolutely essential for our student's continuance in the School.
Shouting, whistling, bullying and use of foul and abusive language is a punishable offence.
Carrying Mobile Phones and Explosives is strictly Prohibited.
Students are expected to respect the school property and handle it carefully. In case of any damage the student will be penalized for the same.
It is not advisable to bring valuables or wear jewellery to the School. The school will not be responsible for the loss of the same.
75% attendance is compulsory. In case the percentage criteria is not met by the student, promotion to next class will be on the discretion of management.
Continuous absence in the new session for the first three days without any prior information would result in striking off the child’s name from the rolls.
Students will be marked on half day leave even if he/she leaves at any time during school hours.
Half days will not be allowed to any child unless there is a medical or valid reason & the guardians come to school with Escort Card & accompany the child back home.
100% attendance of the child is awarded with a certificate.