Sunbeam Sultanpur
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Teacher Training

“Education, like other inventions, is, only a tool; everything depends upon the workman who uses it”. 

Keeping this in mind many workshops are conducted for the teachers to be well equipped with the tools and techniques of teaching.Twice a year, our teachers attend training at Sunbeam Head Office, Varanasi. Our Maths teachers attended a very fruitful training session on JodoGyan(a unit of Maths) held at Sunbeam School Mughalsarai. A two-day training workshop on English Communicative by CBSE and a workshop for Maths and Computer Science teachers by the expert from New Delhi was conducted at Sunbeam School Mughalsarai and Sunbeam School Sultanpur respectively.

Two CBSE Capacity Building Workshops (Training) was conducted on topic of Life Skills and Remodelled Structure of Assessment at Sunbeam School Sultanpur. Teachers from various schools of Sultanpur and also neighbouring districts attended the same.

Our teachers have also attended CBSE workshops conducted by other schools.